Labour Force Survey

The Labour Market Information  includes information relating to Labour Market Surveys in view of providing up-to-date information on labour within the Tanzanian economy on different industries.
The Labour Force Survey, which is a household based survey, is carried out after every five years providing information on the Key Labour Market Indicators. However, in between years of Labour Force surveys, a module with questions on labour market is normally attached to other household surveys to update some indicators of the labour market.
Another source of information is the establishment based survey, which provides updates regarding the employment performance in the formal sector of the economy. The Employment and Earnings survey which is conducted annually in Tanzania plays a great deal in assessing the performance of formal sector in Tanzania.
Information obtained from the households based Labour Market survey on different sectors of the economy produces the following Labour Market Indicators:

Information obtained from the Employment and Earnings Survey on different sectors of the economy on annual basis includes:

  • Employment profile
  • Wage Rates
  • Cash Earnings
  • Annual Wage Bill
  • Recruitment of New Workers
  • Job Vacancies

Definition of unemployment:
There are two different definition of unemployment used in Tanzania, namely Standard definition which conforms to ILO and National definition, which is domesticated to suit the national requirements.

  1. Standard definition:

Unemployment refers to those without work i.e. were not in paid employment or self employment, seeking work in a recent past period and currently available for work.

  1. National definition:

Those described in number 1 above plus the employed who have indicated that their jobs are not reliable, for instance porters.